Deep Learning

AI learning video.



Understanding and showing how AI works, and how it's gonna help develop a better new future was an exciting process that I'm glad to show after all the work my awesome team and I put to push the boundaries as Cognex's AI will do. 


My involvement was designing and animating graphical UI elements and showcasing how this technology works

Research and Development

Direction Dan Stiglmayer & Jesus Suarez

Lighting and Texture Dan Stiglmayer & Jesus Suarez

3D Animation Dan Stiglmayer, Jesus Suarez 

UI Design and Animation Carlos Hidalgo

In the pursuit for a great video that showcases the development of a stunning technology we had to find the best way to represent machine thinking through graphics that were available to give you the idea of a constant changing machine that adapts to the different problems it can face. 


Exploring the ideas of using cinematic cameras angles and complex environments from different points of view, picturing the future in the most realistic way. 


And studying the capacities of this technology while condensing it all in an appealing and clean design, were all great challenges and required a great deal of experimentation and trial and error that ultimately resulted in a beautiful and futuristic representation of Deep Learning.




Client Cognex

Agency Battle 

Producers Kristel Yoder & Adam Dearborn

Sound Design Push MP